Thursday, October 30, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Policy update as of July 4, 2014.

We now have several moms that are showing signs of pregnancy, so we wanted to go ahead and announce our policy changes before the new puppies start to arrive.

Our new standard puppy adoption fee as of July 4, 2014 is $500. There will be select litters that will be priced above the standard.

Deposits are required to reserve a puppy once they pass their 4 week health clearance. All deposits are now $200 and as always are non-refundable to ensure a significant commitment to a specific puppy.

The balance of $300 must be paid at pick up. 

We realize price increases are never well-received. However, as expenses never stop increasing this change is necessary for us to continue to offer the high quality Beagle babies that Lonesome Grove is well known for.

Even Midwest "pet-shop" Beagle puppies have starting prices above $700. Our puppies are products of generations of careful breeding for outstanding looks, charming personality, and extraordinary health. I know of no one else who offers the quality we have for the price.

With our pack, a person has the very rare opportunity to meet the parents, grand parents, and even great grand parents of their puppy.

Thanks to all our great puppy families out there for your loyalty through the years. And for your great love of our Beagle babies.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What comes next?....

In less than a week, all of the babies currently at the grove will be in their new homes. We have had many people asking what is coming next? Well, we did have a baby boom back in January and things have really slowed down since then, as you can see. We never like to count our puppies before they are "hatched", but we are hoping for two new litters within the next 30 days or so. We had hoped for three, but one mom doesn't seem to be pregnant. We don't pre-reserve puppies, but we post them at 5 days on our site. They can be selected then and after they receive their 4 week health clearance, they can be officially reserved. Puppies need to be 8 weeks old to go to their new homes. So, we won't be having any babies that will be old enough to leave until about the middle of June. Sorry to all those others who were still hoping for a Spring puppy. But as we have heard (far more than once), one of these babies is worth the wait. Thanks for your interest in our pack!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Lonesome Grove Stiles -- soon to be a daddy!

This is Stiles. He is our youngest male here at the grove. He is out of Hudson and Abigail and an all around amazing Beagle himself. His first babies will be due to arrive in January 2014. Stay tuned!

Some Fun Candid Shots During Playtime in November 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lonesome Grove Dads

The fathers of Lonesome Grove Beagles are carefully selected for health, looks, and personality. We love a beautiful Beagle, but a loving personality and self-controlled energy level are an absolute must. Good health is also of the utmost importance. Athletic builds are more than aesthetically pleasing, they are the makings of a long and healthy life. These fathers are a core part of our program. The majority of them are related to each other; once you find something good, you keep that line going. These guys get along well with the girls and each other (not always that common among breeding males).

Northern's Singing Scout
Scout was our first introduction to the Chardon line of show Beagles. He is the quintessential Beagle. He couldn't have better looks and coloring (that is why he is the primary image found on our website). He looks like a Beagle should look and he has the personality that all the breed books say the Beagle has. He is the merry, singing, social, and eager companion. People still always ask, "How old is your puppy?" He is youthful and exuberant and as sweet as they come! He just over 14" tall and about 25 lbs. You just can't go wrong with a puppy out of this guy!

Lonesome Grove Hudson
Hudson has the great looks and personality of his parents: Shooter and Rosie. He stands about 13 and a half inches tall and weighs around 24 lbs. He brings together so much of what we are working toward with our Beagles. He has a wonderful laid-back personality from his parents with outstanding looks. His rich coloring accents his great symmetry and "big boned" show dog build.

Lonesome Grove Remington
Remington is the son of Hudson and Zoey (a champion sired girl very distantly related through the same line). He is very laid-back like his father with a very sweet and loving personality. He has a nice big-boned build, since both his parents go back to the "Chardon" line of Beagles. He is about 14" tall and around 25 lbs.

Autumn Road Charlie
Charlie is extraordinary as well. The same beautiful beagle looks and winning beagle personality as our other fathers, but from an entirely different part of the world. He is truly one of a kind. He is registered with the JKC- (the Japanese Kennel Club). He was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan! Charlie is people-crazy and loving and a very athletic 14" tall. 

                                         Lonesome Grove Stiles                                        
Stiles is out of Hudson and Abigail. This is Abigail's first litter of beagle babies ever. They were highly anticipated since Abigail comes from a long line of European show beagles. She was born in Romania and brought to the states by a missionary. This boy is a grandson of Shooter, nephews of Scout, half-brother of Remington and son of Hudson. He is about 14.5" tall, athletic, loving, and graceful; a striking mixtures of his parent's good looks and charming personalities.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


 We are located south of Tyndall, South Dakota in the southeastern part of the state. Sorry, as of October of 2013 we are no longer able to offer shipping by air.

However, we are willing to drive to meet to help in transportation arrangements for adoptive families to get their baby Beagles home. Please see the chart below for additional cost to cover travel expenses.

As always, everyone is welcome to come and pick up their baby here at the grove. We enjoy introducing puppy parents and the extended pack, if you would like to meet them. Just contact us and we can make an appointment for your visit.We understand that our location is generally a far distance for many people; yet through the years we have had puppy families drive here from as far west as San Diego, CA and as far east as Key West, FL. The wagging tails and puppy kisses waiting for you make the trek worthwhile every time! We are somewhat centrally located;1600 miles from LA, 1450 miles from New York, 1000 miles from Houston (for some reference points).